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OUR PURPOSE is to promote diverse voices and perspectives not only through the people and stories of our team but also through the voices we are highlighting and seeking out. 

OUR CONTENT represents a diversity of viewpoints. It’s translated for the beginner but is still interesting to the expert. We support body-positivity and sex-positivity, Black Lives Matter, BIPOC cultures, LBGTQIA,  women’s equality, women’s right to choose, and feminism in and out of the workplace, and all forms of basic human decency. We support all ALL being their best selves and becoming an authority in your own right. 

OUR TONE is friendly, upbeat, encouraging, optimistic, open-minded, and professional. We are friends giving advice and in the know, but we’re not know-it-alls. Stories are written with a positive spin; we approach topics as fans, not critics.

At The Authority Establishment, we always welcome new voices to our community.

We seek out writers and reviewers who have deep expertise in their field. We also love hearing about personal hero’s journeys and publish powerful stories of personal transformation.

If you have the knowledge or a story to share, please reach out to us. If your submission is accepted you will work with our highly skilled team of editors to sharpen and polish your work.


Keep in mind:

  • All submissions must be original content that you own the rights to and that hasn’t been previously published.
  • Please fact check your story and provide sources for all your info if needed.
  • You may include original photography, but it isn’t required.
  • Images must be high-resolution and be at least 1456 pixels wide.
  • The submission of a post does not guarantee it will be published. Our team will reach out if we’d like to run your story.
  • Please put the title of your piece in the article and use it to name your document.
  • Source all health claims: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, include a link to that source. If you claim a certain food is healthy, tell us how you know. Use links to peer-reviewed scientific papers and academic journals. (Put relevant links in brackets next to the claim/statement.)
  • Include your bio, highlighting your credentials in the space including where you trained, any books you’ve written, or publications you’ve been featured in. You may include one link.